Monday, July 9, 2012

Spring 2012 (catching-up)

I need to do some big time catching up on the blog. I hope to get several out in the next couple of weeks. Here goes :)

Our little dude Eddie turned 2 in March! I made a tres leches cake and it was super yummy. We also had a little firework show on his cake... compliments of Okinawa.

While Will and Evelyn were in school I got to go to a Mommy and Me Gymnastics class with Eddie. Once he got use to the class (and realized he got candy after trying the tricks) he had a great time. Here he is on the balance beam.

Jumping off the cheese block. 

Butterfly Stretch :)

And the finale a hand stand!

Will graduated from preschool, turned 5, and is getting ready to be a big Kindergardener!  He's definitely got some Rick in him. When they called his name to get his diploma it was the "Ricky Shuffle" all over again : )

With the coming of Spring we had a mommy mockingbird make a nest in our little kumquat tree. It was just out our dining room window and with the tree being so small we had front row seats to all the action. 


Here is a video of Rick teasing the poor little things. 

Ready to leave the nest. There's not a whole lot of room left. 

Freedom! The babies fluttered around our yard with momma bird feeding them for a week or two. 

One of the birds decided to stick around. We can usually find it somewhere around the house. 

Well there is still a whole lot to post....I'll try to keep them coming :)