Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Expo Park

A couple weeks ago we visited Expo Park which has one of the world's largest Aquariums...big enough that they could put 3 full size whale sharks in the tank with room to spare!
Evelyn just started preschool this week. She goes 3 days a week in the mornings. Evelyn thinks preschool is too much fun, and Wendy is greatful for some time with only one kid in tow.
The other picture features Will following a little spill he took into the concrete the other day. It looks really bad but besides being a little worked up right when he got hurt Will has been all smiles...we're just worried that people will think we beat the crud out of our kids!

Typhoon Sinlaku

Typhoon Sinlaku is coming straight for us! Currently Sinlaku is a category 2 storm (winds between 96-110 mph), and the forecast is projecting that he could grow into a category 4 (winds between 131-155 mph). It's looking like this storm will be in full swing right about the time it gets here to Okinawa...hopefully we'll survive.