Sunday, January 6, 2008

This posting will sum up our holiday adventures in Okinawa. This is the first time since we've been married that Wendy and I haven't spent Christmas with our Families in Lancaster. I must admit that I really don't miss Lancaster, but we sure did miss our Family. In spite of that we still had a great Holiday, and had several adventures with our new friends in Okinawa.

Top left you'll see Will on Christmas morning. He loved all of his gifts, but the boxes and wrapping paper they came in were an even bigger hit. Top right is Evelyn at the Okinawa Botanical Gardens. Every Christmas they deck out the gardens with lights, and put on this psychadelic laser show set to Christmas music. Bottom left is Hedo Point. This picture doesn't really do the location justice. It's the most northern point on the Island, and it's beautiful. Lots of tall cliffs and jagged volcanic rock. The surf was high that day, and the waves would crash against the cliffs kicking up huge blasts of water.

Finally, the two pictures on the bottom right are from a trip that we made to Pineapple park. It's a large pineapple farm/farmer's market that they've turned into a tourist attraction. You get to go for a little ride in a golf cart that they've made to look like a pineapple, and then you get to sample all sorts of different pineapple products at the Farmer's market. They have recreated the pineapple in about every way possible, and you get to sample all of it. There was pineapple juice, wines, cookies, chocolates, and cakes. One of the more interesting items was pickled pineapple... I wish I could say that I liked it, but it was pretty gross. From the picture you can see that for Evelyn the highlight of the trip was the pineapple icecream cone that she got at the end.