Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summertime Adventures

It's summer time! Some pics for your viewing pleasure. Will turned 2 this month. At his 24 month check up we were told he's in the 90th percentile for his height, the kid is a beanstalk! Summertime means Rick wears his white Navy Uniform now, the white's look nice, but they're hard to keep clean.
Will got quite a sunburn earlier this week. He and Evelyn were being watched by our neighbors while Wendy went to a dental appointment...they played in the kiddy pool for about an hour. The picture shows you the end result, oops! The kid burns easy and we didn't give our neighbor fair warning. The picture makes it look worse than it really was. Will never complained of any discomfort, and he didn't blister or peel (lucky for us).
Also included are some pictures from Rick's last SCUBA dive, we live in such a beautiful place. The first pic is a crown of thorns starfish (very poisonous, try to avoid stepping on them!), second are a pair of lionfish (also very poisonous...a sting from one of its spines is supposed to induce extreme pain, lucky for Rick the fish is non-aggressive. The other pic is just of a cool starfish (not sure of the name??).
Lastly, we've included a couple pics of Nakagusuku castle ruins. There are several castle ruins that you can visit here in Oki, but this has been are favorite thus far. Come and see us, we promise to take you there.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bios on the Hill Nature Park

Bios on the Hill is a natural botanical garden themed after Okinawa's forests and orchids. The dragons and houses that are designed into the gardens are beautiful.

The kiddos had a blast running around and playing on everything. We took a guided boat tour through the park. It would have been extra special but we couldn't understand one word that the tour guide was saying, hehehe :)