Sunday, February 1, 2009

Introducing...Robot Girl!!!!

Evelyn started out Friday night as a normal girl but came home as "Robot Girl" with a super powerful robot arm.

We were at Big Dip getting some ice-cream and Evelyn fell off a pretty high stool. As she was clutching her wrist and crying in my arms I asked the question that no parent ever wants to ask...."Do you think it's broken". The swelling was instant and she was shaking with pain so off to the ER we went.

The x-rays were's broken. The good thing is that it's a "buckle brake". Her bones are soft so instead of breaking the bone buckled. The x-ray showed a bump on her bone (distal radial to be exact). It should heal pretty quickly.

She has a temporary cast with a sling right now. On Tuesday she will go into Orthopedics, get new x-rays and a permanent cast. Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

Evelyn has been a super kid through the whole thing. To look at her you would think nothing ever happened. Super Robot Girl to the Rescue!!!