Sunday, October 3, 2010

Goodbye Okinawa, Hello Pensacola!!

The day we left Okinawa was day of mixed emotions. We were so sad to be leaving but excited to get back to the states. On our way to Florida we got to spend time in California and Alabama visiting all of the family that we missed seeing over the past two years. It was great!!

It was really nice to finally get settled into our house after a month of traveling. This is the house. We love having a driveway, a garage, a backyard, and 4 bedrooms! Definitely a step up from the beloved bomb shelter in Okinawa. Oh yea, the van, it doesn't leak when it rains!!
Rick likes his job and is keeping busy. He is going to be traveling a lot more. He's already been to Portsmouth, VA, Meridian, MS, and Millington, TN. In the next couple of months he is heading to New Orleans, Corpus Christi, and Crane, Indiana.

Evelyn turned five and is now a Kindergartner. This is her on the big first day. She loves her teacher and thinks PE, music class, art class, and ballet are too much fun. Since we live so close to school we get to walk. Rain or shine :)

Will is proud to be three! This is him on his first day of preschool. He goes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday but wishes it could be EVERYDAY! He wants to do everything Evelyn does, even homework.

Eddie is getting cuter by the day. He has started scooting and making his way around the house. I'm enjoying my "Eddie time" while the kiddos are in school. He is a happy easy going baby (I just wish he would start sleeping through the night :).

We love and miss you all. Pensacola is beautiful in the fall. Come and visit!!